A Mid-Autumn Festival With Mooncakes & Rides





USJ OSAA organised a Mid-Autumn Festival event on the 27th of September, as part of the cultural experience series, bringing mooncake tasting and bike riding to the campus!

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) organised a Mid-Autumn Festival event on the 27th of September, 2023, as part of the cultural experience series. The event was sponsored by the Macau Foundation.

International and exchange students were invited to experience the joy of the traditional Chinese festival. During the event, students and friends gathered within the heart of the campus, and under the moonlight, they shared mooncakes and fruits, made handmade lanterns and exchanged cultural insights between the East and the West. It was a delightful time spent together.

A Portuguese exchange student said, “I have never tasted mooncakes before! This is my first try!” 

A special arrangement was also made made for students and friends to share the joy of motorcycle riding. Riders were allowed, for this one evening, to ride their bikes to the campus. They exchanged riding experiences and interacted with each other. This “meeting through motorcycles” also helped bridge the gap between Chinese and Western cultures.

One student said “I was attracted by the motorcycles, so I came to find out more.” 

This event promoted friendship and exchange among students of different nationalities and cultures, showcasing emphasis on the multiculturalism of USJ. Through the activities, an inclusive and mutual learning environment was created, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures.