2015 University of Saint Joseph Open Day






The University of Saint Joseph held its annual Open Day at the Saint Joseph Seminary Campus (next to the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library) last Saturday, hosting nearly 5 hundred prospective students who had the opportunity to taste life at the university.

 The Open Day began with a warm and cozy ceremony of ribbon cutting attended by distinguish guests including the Bishop of Macau, Dom Jose Lai, Director of the Department of Culture and Education for Liaison Office in Macau Mr. Hong Bo, Deputy Director of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau Ms Kuok Sio Lai, Functional Head (Group of Higher Education Institutions Coordination) of Tertiary Education Services Office Ms Io Iok Fong, principles and representatives from different schools and associations. During the ceremony, the University thanked Macau Foundation for sponsoring the Open Day, and Coca-Cola Co. Ltd. for sponsoring drinks for the event.

Visitors were welcomed by students of the university and invited to visit different booths and information rooms set up across the heritage campus. A bamboo pavilion was featured during the day, which USJ’s architecture students had spent the whole weekend building. The Open Day’s programme included language corners, a mock admissions interview corner, radio practice, snapshot campaign and sports competitions. Students from Colégio Diocesano de Sao José 5th and 6th School, Yuet Wah College, Anglican Chou Kou High School and Escola Tung Sin Tong challenged USJ students to a Friendly Basketball Match.

 The international students at the University arranged different cultural experiences for the guests, including beautiful Portuguese songs performed by singer Tomas. Inside the classrooms, students and professors stood by to introduce key features of each programme to the visitors. The Faculties of Religious Studies, Humanities, Administration and Leadership, Psychology and Education, Creative Industries, the Institute of Science and Environment, and the Pre-University programme showcased the work of their students and faculty.

Prospective students learned also that USJ has updated its fees, reducing the costs for local students. The University of Saint Joseph features English as the teaching medium and has students and faculty from nearly 60 nationalities. Construction of its new campus at Ilha Verde is progressing smoothly and is expected to be in use during the 2015/2016 academic year.




聖若瑟大學五個學院──宗教研究學院、人文學院、行政及領導學院、心理及教育學院、創意產業學院、以及科學與環境中心 和 預科課程的教授和學生在教室展示學生的作品及介紹其課程。藉是次開放日,聖若瑟大學向參加學生透露來年本地學生的學費將有下調。