Public Lecture: The Wetland Management of Macao



Public Lecture: The Wetland Management of Macao by Dr. Lei Kam Peng on 21st January 2016

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The wetland management of Macao

Wetlands play a pivotal role in the maintaining the ecological balance of the local system by its functions as sources, sinks, and transformers of a multitude of chemical, biological, and genetic materials. The interaction of human society with wetlands to obtain multiple benefits-natural resources, amenities and environmental services such as ground water, fisheries, migratory birds habitat, etc. Anthropogenic stress due to the urban development and population growth has severely affected these ecosystems sustainability.

Macao is situated in the bird migration route between Siberia and Australia. Every winter large numbers of migratory birds come to Macao to live. To conserve the wetland resource of Macao, several wetland reservation zones were set up and managed by Macao SAR government, and meanwhile continuous ecological monitoring of various habitats in these wetlands are carried out to ensure habitats and facilities meeting the needs of wildlife.

Different types of management measures for each of the habitat types are developed and implemented, for the goal of providing the greatest quantity and highest quality of habitat possible to support waterfowl, other wildlife and plants, and to increase biodiversity. The Habitat Management Works can be divided into three aspects, namely the water, vegetation and mudflats. The lecture will explain the wetland management and biodiversity with wonderful video and photos, in order to make the student understanding the wetland’s ecological function easy.

Short Bio

Dr. Lei Kam Peng has a Ph.D. in civil and Environmental Engineering with more than 20 years of experiences as an educator, researcher and civil servant. He has published books and scientific papers in the fields of systems ecology, ecological engineering, environmental protection and many others. He also accomplished a significant amount of research in Macao’s local environment with current interest in the field of environmental economics and systems dynamics. He is currently working at the Environmental Protection Bureau of Macao SAR as an advisory senior technician.


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