PUBLIC LECTURE: Private-Public Partnerships in Portugal



PUBLIC LECTURE: Private-Public Partnerships in Portugal on 19th October

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The experience in Portugal in Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs) has been extensive with huge implications in public finances and political discussion. PPPs are also responsible for a significant increase in infrastructure development in Portugal in the 90s to this date. The experience in Portugal is a showcase for this rapid catching up in the infrastructure gap, but also a showcase of procurement and public contracting with dire implications in public finances. Portugal is also a great example in renegotiation of these contracts and adjustment to more fiscal responsibility. The public lecture will provide several cases of successful, and unsuccessful experiences in road building, healthcare management, and environment management.


Prof. Ricardo Ferreira Reis is Invited Assistant Professor of Accounting, Associate Dean for International Affairs and the Director of Centre of Applied Studies at the Portugal Catholic University, Lisbon. Prof. Reis holds a PhD in Business Science and Applied Economics from the Wharton School, U. Pennsylvania, USJ and a Licenciatura in Economics from the University of Porto.

Prof. Reis teaches Financial Accounting at the MBA, Undergraduate and Executive Education levels. His areas of interest in research are based on informational economics, with an emphasis on Accounting, ranging from agency theory to corporate governance. He has previously taught Cos and Financial Accounting and a wide range of courses in Economics and Business. Prof. Reis was a consultant for the then Lisbon Stock Exchange and the Porto. Derivatives Exchange and he worked as a credit risk analysis for investment banking earlier in his career.