Public Lecture: Historical Heritage, Tourism and Development: The Case Study of the Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto (2016-2020)



On 17 January 2020, the Faculty of Creative Industries is organising a public lecture titled “Historical Heritage, Tourism and Development: The Case Study of the Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto (2016-2020)” by Prof. Gonçalo Vasconcelos e Sousa.

FCI-Public Lecture - Prof. Gonçalo Vasconcelos-01

About the Talk

The city of Porto has registered a very significant growth of tourism, with significant economic results in the city. Over the past 5 years, tourism revenues and business opportunities have completely altered the city’s historic centre. It is in this geographical setting that are located the churches and the Museum of São Francisco, a unique architectural complex in Portugal, visited by almost 400,000 people annually. From tourism income, in a continuous growth, there was a profound renewal of the institution’s Cultural Heritage. In addition to the policy of valorization of movable and immovable heritage, the cultural income made possible a renovation of the hospital and the sustainability of the assistance activities promoted by the Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto.


Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e Sousa (* 1970). Full Professor at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University, where he is president of the Scientific Council (2011-2013; 2016-?). Doctor (2002) and Aggregate Professor (2006) in History of Art, Faculty of Arts of Porto University, where he defended his master’s dissertation (1997). Director of CITAR (Research Centre for Science and Technology of the Arts), from 2011-2016, and director of CIONP (Silver and Goldsmithing Centre in the Northern Portugal). Fellow of the Portuguese Academy of History (since 2003) and of the National Fine Arts Academy (since 2001). Chaired the board of Círculo Dr. José de Figueire- do/Friends of Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis, Porto (1997-2006).

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