Psychoeducational Talk: Debunk Myths about Mental Illness



The USJ Counselling Centre is hosting a Psychoeducational Talk about Major Depressive Disorder titled “Debunk the Myths about Depression”, on 12 November, 2021.

About the Talk:

A population-based study from the University of Hong Kong found out that 19% of 500 respondents reported depressive symptoms (Choi, 2020) during the pandemic of COVID-19. Lun et al,.(2018) reported up to 68.5% of university students of 1200 respondents exhibited some degree of depressive symptoms.

This talk aims to introduce the symptoms and patterns of depression, understand the contributing factors, identify what one could do in the prevention, and offer support for someone who might suffer from depression.

About the USJ Counselling Centre:

The USJ Counselling Centre strives to provide educational-preventive programmes which aim to address the developmental needs and maximise the potentials of our students.

These programmes are designed to help students acquire new knowledge, skills and behaviours, realistic self-appraisal, foster responsible personal choices, enhance the ability to make meaningful and supportive relationships with others, thus increase the capacity to engage in a satisfying and healthy style of living.


Date: Friday, 12 November 2021
Time: 15:30  – 16:30 
Location: Classroom 305, USJ Ilha Verde Campus

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Organised by: USJ Counselling Centre

*This Talk will be conducted in English (Supplemented with Cantonese)
**This Talk is free to attend and members of the public are very welcome to join


Choi EPH, Hui BPH, Wan EYF. Depression and Anxiety in Hong Kong during COVID-19. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020 May 25;17(10):3740. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17103740. PMID: 32466251; PMCID: PMC7277420.

Lun, K., Chan, C., Ip, P., Ma, S., Tsai, W., Wong, C., . . . Yan, D. (2018). Depression and anxiety among university students in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Medical Journal = Xianggang Yi Xue Za Zhi, 24(5), 466-472.