MRI Online Contemplation and Leadership Workshop | July 2022



The Macau Ricci Institute is hosting MRI Online Contemplation and Leadership Workshop in the Ignatian Year for July 2022, on the 19th of July.


A new year is opening up which offers us a new opportunity to deepen our Contemplative journey, familiarize ourselves with the Psalms, and try to grasp some key insights of the Gospel of John. As we are halfway through the journey during the Ignatian Year we may also wish to make an evaluation about progress and setbacks during our itinerary in the different areas such as a faithful daily practice of Contemplation, regular Contemplative reading of the Psalms, and the Gospel of John, finally: insights on how Contemplation may inspire serving leadership.

Instruction for “Contemplation & Leadership” in the Ignatian Year for July 2022

Psalm 145 and the Gospel of St. John Chapter 21:15-23

As we are about to finish our itinerary focused on “Contemplation and Leadership” with the inspiration of the 150 Psalms and the Mystical Gospel of John, we may consider our last session as a final test. Jesus not only challenges Peter but all of us with the question: Do you (really) love me? The charity and love Jesus has in mind is not related to some vague feelings; but the core issue is to assume responsibility within the vast vineyard of the Lord.

Peter’s journey of purifying love through different moments of his humanity and relationship with Jesus also bears witness to the path of a leader. The evangelist John tells us that “Peter was hurt that Jesus asked him a third time, ‘Do you love me?’” Jesus’ questions to Peter and to us take full account of our complexity, including our weakness. When we are ready to surrender through love, through contemplation: “Lord, you know everything; you know I love you,” then can we offer ourselves as gifts, to follow Jesus and share in his offering as true leader.

Psalm 145 reminds us of the state of mind in which we have to welcome this ultimate challenge to deepen our Contemplative Journey towards charity in truth: day after day we need to deepen our profound sense of gratitude and joy for being rooted in the praise of God. This attitude is certainly one of the keys in the spirituality of Ignatius who inspires us to praise God in all circumstances of our life and develop a sense [[a sensitivity/ an awareness?]] in order to find and carry out His will.

As we bless God’s name, do we experience God as “tenderness and pity, slow to anger, full of faithful love”? Sometimes the embodiment—our mission—that “Yahweh is generous to all, his tenderness embraces all his creatures” can surprise or challenge us.

Are you ready for the final test? What does it mean to you? I would be glad to meet you all for the last session in our Ignatian itinerary.


Date & Time: Tuesday, 19 July 2022 | 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm (GMT+8)
Instructor: Fr. Stephan Rothlin S.J
Language: English /Cantonese/Mandarin

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Deadline for Registration: 18 July 2022

*Free event, open to the general public


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