Conference | Business Communication Strategies Through Support For Creative Industries. Empirical Cases of Portugal and China



The Conference “Business Communication Strategies Through Support For Creative Industries. Empirical Cases of Portugal and China” will take place on 21 March, from 6:30 – 7:30 PM, in Don Bosco Auditorium.

About the Talk:

In this Conference, I will lay out some of the issues that need to be addressed when thinking about and studying how philanthropy impacts communities, in addition to providing an introduction to the literature on philanthropy, marketing, communication, and social development.

Philanthropy is one of several tools available in an organization allowing them to communicate by giving their support to social initiatives. Among the various components of integrated corporate communication, known as communication mix in the scientific literature (Lendrevie, 2010) philanthropy is, undoubtedly, at once one of the most important and one of the least studied. The present Conference delves into the evolution of the concept of philanthropy in Portugal, based on empirical Portuguese case studies, with the influences of Chinese companies over time and the ambiguous relationship it has always established between interest and altruism, power and generosity, and the values of Confucianism. There is, however, a constant element on the part of the philanthropies: the intention and the power to communicate. The varying element throughout time is not communication, but the intentionality of the message and the means available to estimate its effectiveness with the target audience. In the West, philanthropy has grown, primarily using Foundations and individual persons. In this Conference, it is argued that underlying the strategic options of the “new philanthropy”, there are image and branding enhancement and individual reputation interests, as well as social and civically responsible. However, motivations influenced by cultural values vary according to the political, international, political, and socio-economic contexts. The approach is interdisciplinary, grounded in the theoretical field of Communication Sciences inserted in the Social and Human Sciences and following a qualitative and quantitative methodology. Based on research, sets out to explore, within an analytical framework of Institutional Communication the purposes of communication underneath the cover of the kindness of rich men and well-known persons. 

Therefore, the distinction between the concepts of philanthropy and the new concept of philanthrocapitalism. They lead us to the insight of the corporate image, branding, and institutional reputation. Inscribed in this correspondence we work out our “case studies”, to which we apply a theoretical model, thereby purporting to give an epistemological contribution to the existing scientific literature on the subject in Portugal and Asia influence in Portugal. Macau. 

About the Speaker:

Prof. Cármen Zita Monereo

Cármen Zita Monereo holds a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences, specialization in Communication and Arts at NOVA University of Lisbon, Master (M.Sc.) in Communication and Media Studies cum laude at Catholic University of Portugal and a degree in Management at ISCSP, University Técnica of Lisbon, Portugal; Postgraduation in Financial Instruments, Products and Markets at NOVA School of Business and Economics (NOVA SBE) and Postgraduation in Cultural Management (Catholic University of Portugal). Currently, Cármen Monereo is academic professor at the University of Saint Joseph, China-Macau since the academic year 2019/2020, adjunct professor at Autonoma University  and invited Professor at the University of Algarve (Portugal). She was a visiting researcher at the University of Barcelona (2013). She is an integrated researcher at the Communication Institute of NOVA, in the GI-Strategic Communication. 

At the University of Saint Joseph, she teaches since 2019-2022, the Module Systematic Creativity and Entrepreneurship in the Master of Communication & Media and has been a supervisor of Master theses, mainly in the feel of Business Communication. She has extensive knowledge about Strategic Communication, Institutional Communication, Branding, Marketing, Business and Entrepreneurship. Cármen Monereo has published work, mainly on Management, Culture and Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creative Industries, and Communication. Her newest publication is “Cultural Patronage as a Communication Tool: the case study Caixa Geral de Depósitos and Culturgest” (Almedina Ed.) (2022) with the preface of Professor José Simões, USJ.  She has others solo books published – “Entrepreneurship in Portuguese: contribution to an analysis of the social profile of the Portuguese-American entrepreneurs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island” (Media XXI) (2020); “Partnering your Business with Artists: a win-win relation. Case studies of Portugal” (Media XXI) (2018); The Company in Culture: Amateur Theater and the creation of new audiences of Culture (Media XXI) (2016). 

 In addition, since 1994 she has developed professional experience in the Business Environment (Financial Industry) as a manager and marketeer, and also on Consulting and Executive Education in Portugal, in the Portuguese Speaking countries and in the USA. Since 2019, she is the president and founder of the Let’s Talk About Business, a non-profit legal person in the field of education, culture, and training recognized as a legal person under private law to benefit the public interest recognized by the State of Massachusetts in the United State of America (https://www.letstalkaboutbusiness.info). 

Carmen Monereo has been researche in her Posdoctoral project about philanthropy in Business environment  in Portugal and the impact of Chinese Companies in business environment in Portugal”  supervised by Professor José Manuel S. Simões. Associate Professor, Head of the Media, Art & Technology Department. Communication & Media Department Coordinator, University of Saint Joseph, Macau. “what we know about philanthropy in macau and the relation between the confucianism values, branding and strategic communication? case studies of macau” is the title of her Posdoctoral project at USJ. 


Date: Thursday, 21 March 2024
Time: 18:30 – 19:30 
Location: Don Bosco Auditorium, USJ Ilha Verde Campus
Language: English

Organiser: Department of Media, Arts and Technology – USJ Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Moderated by: Prof. Filipa Martins

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*This is a free event and open to the general public