4th FCP - Forum of Counselling and Psychotherapy



On 30 November 2019, USJ’s Faculty of Social Sciences is organising the 4th FCP – Forum of Counselling and Psychotherapy by Prof. Angus Kuok, Prof. Edlia Simões and an MCP Alumni, Ms. Cynthia Leong.

WEB20191130 - FCP-poster


This Forum is mainly organised for the MCP community (MCP students, professors and alumni) but is also open to all the population of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) and other people interested in themes related to counselling and psychotherapy. The main propose of this Forum is for year 2 MCP students to present and share their research projects with year 1 MCP students. This way, the former will have an opportunity to practice communication skills useful for their oral defense, and the latter will get ideas for their own research and how to organise it. This will also be the moment to give the past students who graduated in 2019 the certificates for their internships. Finally, we will use this opportunity to serve refreshments as a short gathering of the MCP community (students, staff and alumni). We also plan to present the results of research projects conducted in the FSS’s Department of Psychology.


6:30pm Presentation of the results of 2 Macao Foundation Studies developed in the FSS’ Department of Psychology:

1. Angus Kuok, “Macau Adolescents’ Use of Electronic Devices and the Internet”, (Macau Foundation Project Number MF/2016/18)
2. Edlia Simoes, “Linguistic profiles of Chinese children learning Portuguese as a second language: Validation of instrumeants”, (Macau Foundation Project Number MF/2018/13)

7:00pm Presentation of one selected MCP dissertation considered of high quality

3. Cynthia Leong, “Achievement Goals on School Engagement: looking at the Mediating Role of Academic Emotions in Chinese Secondary School Students”

7:15pm Q&A and discussion

7:40pm Presentation of the internship certificates to the MCP alumni who graduated this academic year

7:45pm Poster session with the research projects of year 2 students / Snacks and refreshments

9:00pm Closing

More pictures are available on Flickr now! (click here)