Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy

1 Year Full-Time (Day) English Seminary Campus


This programme prepares students for the study of Catholic Theology.

The Foundation Year in Philosophy is required for students who wish to pursue the canonical ecclesiastical degree (5 years) granted by the Faculty of Theology, Catholic University of Portugal (UCP). Students enrol in the Foundation Year of Philosophy before taking the four-year Bachelor of Christian Studies programme at USJ.

This programme offers the modules English I and II, Latin I and II, Logic, Asian Philosophy, History of Classical Philosophy, History of Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy Knowledge, Philosophical Anthropology, and Axiology of Ethics. This programme also suits students interested in acquiring a solid philosophical foundation for further studies in the field of humanities, social science, and comparative religion.

The programme coordinator is Andrew Leong.

Student Experience

  • Students learn the Latin language together
  • Students study the history of ancient, and medieval European and Asian philosophy
  • Students reflect on fundamental human values and ethics
  • Students discover the relevance of logic and theories of knowledge

Career Opportunities

  • Further studies to pursue canonical ecclesiastical degree

Typical Applicants

  • Have an interest in studying languages and openness to intercultural experiences
  • Have an interest in reflecting on the meaning of life and the quest for God

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Study plan & description of modules

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Year 1
3.00 credits
3.00 credits
2.00 credits
2.00 credits
3.00 credits
3.00 credits
3.00 credits