Doctoral Programme

Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy

The field of Religious Studies is an inter-disciplinary one and our Doctoral programme reflects this. Research areas include aspects of the study of ancient languages, literature, biblical studies, patristics, philosophy, sociology, psychology, history, cultural studies, music, Canon Law and theology. The methodologies appropriate to this diverse range of topics require research students to display a flexibility of approach and a clear focus on the research questions posed by their chosen subject. During their doctoral studies, students are encouraged to attend academic conferences and seek opportunities to publish articles relevant to their research in appropriate peer-reviewed academic journals. 

Course Structure
Students complete the curricular part of the programme during the first year, which is composed of the following 5 modules:

  1. Methodologies of Investigation
  2. Methods and Techniques for Quantitative Research
  3. Methods and Techniques for Qualitative Research
  4. Integrative Research Seminars
  5. Specialist Studies and Reading Programme

During the first year students are also required to prepare a thesis proposal. The approval of the proposal and completion of all the modules is a requirement to progress to the thesis-writing stage of the programme.

This is the major part of Doctoral students’ studies. Working directly under an academic supervisor, the student independently completes an original and significant research project. Students cannot start their thesis until the work proposed and supervisory arrangements have been approved by the university.

Course Duration
3 to 5 years full-time (evening) programme

Teaching Medium
English / Portuguese / Chinese

Total Number of Credits for Graduation

Seminary Campus

Programme’s Government Approval (in Chinese and Portuguese only) (Click here)

September to July

Weekly Schedule
Once per week from 19:00 to 22:30

Open Doctoral Proposals
Click here to find a doctoral proposal that matches your interests.

Key Features

  • Research-oriented programme supported by highly-qualified internal and external researchers from various areas of knowledge and fields of specialization.
  • Training in research methods and theoretical concepts in the first year of studies and development of a PhD thesis in a specific field of specialization in the following years

Typical Career Options

  • Research and Development for private and public organizations;
  • Academic careers.

Study plan & description of modules

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Year 1
0.00 credits