Announcement Regarding COVID-19


Special Arrangements and Measures for the Opening of 2020-2021 Academic Year

Information for Incoming International and Exchange Students

Special Webpage against Epidemics | 抗疫專頁

Pagina Electrónica Especial Contra Epidemias

  1. 防疫常態化 Implement regular epidemic prevention measures
  2. 堅持不鬆懈 Do our best to persist
  3. 洗手戴口罩 Wash hands frequently and wear a mask
  4. 保持距離勿聚集 Keep a distance and avoid crowd gathering
  5. 慎防前功盡廢Perseverance leads to success

The Macao SAR Government urges: Implement regular epidemic prevention measures; Do our best to persist; Wash hands frequently and wear a mask; Keep a distance and avoid crowd gathering; Perseverance leads to success.

According to the announcement by Macao SAR Government, the date of class resumption has been postponed until further announcement. Please stay tuned for updates and announcements. (click here for detailed information)

For infectious disease information released by Serviços de Saúde do Governo da RAEM, please visit the following webpage. (ENG/CHI/PORT)

Last Updated: September 4, 2020 at 4:25 pm