Announcements Regarding COVID-19


Enhanced Covid Pandemic Measures

In view of the recent outbreak of Covid in Macao, the following measures take effect immediately:


(14 January 2022)

Due to the changes in the epidemic situation, the DSEDJ announced that cross-border students, teachers and staff of tertiary education institutions and non-tertiary education schools will be temporarily suspended from school for one day on January 14.

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Special Webpage against Epidemics


Advice to Higher Education Institutions and Students – Preventive Measures 

In order to prevent the novel coronavirus pneumonia, higher education institutions are advised to heighten vigilance and adopt the following measures – click here for all details. For infectious disease information released by Serviços de Saúde do Governo da RAEM, please visit the following webpage. (EN/CN/PT)

Information for Incoming International and Exchange Students

Information for Outgoing Exchange Students


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