USJ and Doctoral Think Tank Organise International Young Doctoral Forum to Promote the Development of the Healthcare Industry





USJ and Macau Doctoral Think Tank organised the “International Young Doctoral Forum: Development and Opportunities of Macao’s Big Health and Medical Tourism Industry” on 11 November 2023.

In order to support the Macao SAR Government’s “1+4” strategy of moderate and diversified development, and to continuously promote the development of the healthcare industry, the Macao Doctoral Think Tank and the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) jointly organised the International Young Doctoral Forum with the theme “Development and Opportunities of Macao’s Big Health and Medical Tourism Industry” on 11 November 2023 in the Auditório Centenário de Fátima, USJ Ilha Verde Campus. 

Guan Yanbin, Director of the Research Office of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region, Xu Feng, Deputy Director of the General Affairs Department of the Foreign Affairs Office, Rev’d Prof. Stephen Morgan, Rector of USJ, Wong Ka Lun, Honorary Chairman of the Doctoral Think Tank, as well as leaders from various social organisations attended the event.

In his welcome speech, Rector of USJ, Rev’r Professor Stephen Morgan, said: “Last week the Macao SAR government announced its target for non-gaming related GDP to rise to 60% of our GDP by 2028, from a base below 40% today. If that is to be achieved, it is of urgent and crucial necessity that the governments diversification plan – the one plus four strategy – works and works quickly. For that to happen, seriously rigorous thought must be given into the framework of the four new industries, giving them a sound theoretical, organisational and practical underpinning. Today’s Forum is the beginning of that work with regard to the healthy medical tourism industry. By bringing together regional and global experts we hope to be able to think critically and creatively about the challenges and opportunities that face the development of this industry.”

Founder of Doctoral Think Tank, Dr. Wong Ka Lon, said that the aim of this joint Forum with USJ is to better study the in-depth integration of healthcare industry and tourism, and to promote the young doctoral thinking about the overall development of the country and Macao, so as to make good use of the advantage of contributing to Macao’s diversified development with their wisdom.

The Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of USJ, Prof. Jacky Ho, mentioned that he expects that, by joining hands with experts from different professional fields, Macao will be able to provide tourism and medical services that are closer to the needs of individuals, in addition to leisure travel and the appreciation of world heritage, and that the Faculty of Health Sciences at USJ will cooperate with the government in the development of a team of paramedical professionals to enrich the healthcare talent pipeline, so as to enable Macao to become a city of intelligent healthcare services combined with tourism that is accessible to the whole world. This will enable Macao to become a city that provides intelligent healthcare services to the rest of the world, combined with tourism.

During the Forum, the officiating guests witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Doctoral Think Tank and the Faculty of Health Sciences of the USJ, whereby 17 doctors from the Doctoral Think Tank have been appointed as Special Fellows of the research center Macao Observatory for Social Development (MOSD) at the USJ.

At the same time, the China Institute for Responsible Management Education and Sustainable Development (CIRMESD), which was established under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative, together with the Macao Observatory for Social Development (MOSD) at USJ, took the lead in establishing the “Macao Centre of China Institute for Responsible Management Education and Sustainable Development (Macao-CIRMESD)”  with the support of the Rector of USJ, Rev’r Prof. Stephen Morgan, and the Dean of CIRMESD, Mr. Huang Haifeng, who is also a member of the Global Committee of the UN Global Compact PRME Advocacy Group (2020-2023).

Dr. Zhang Yalong and Dr. Ju Dong, members of the CIRMESD, presented the appointment of certificates by the Institute to Prof. Jacky Ho, Dean of FHS and Director of the MOSD at USJ, and to Prof. Jayson Lou, Programme Coordinator for the Master of Social Work at USJ. The appointments will facilitate the Macao community to respond to the United Nations’ call for sustainable development and responsible management education, and further contribute to the health and well-being of the community. Dr Cheng Dongshu and Ms Han Jingyi were also appointed by Doctoral Think Tank.

The Forum started with the discussion on “How to implement Macao’s major healthcare tourism industry” and invited four keynote speakers. Dr. Huang Hai, Deputy to the National People’s Congress and Director of Jilin Heart Disease Hospital, discussed the case study of Jilin Heart Disease Hospital on the creation of international top medical standards made in China. Dr. Marcio Scorsin, cardiologist from Italy, shared his experience on the international healthcare industry and the development of the healthcare industry in Macao. Assistant Professor Chiu Wing Wah, Acting Vice President of the Macau Institute of Translational Medicine of the University of Macau, made a forward-looking speech on how Chinese medicine and healthcare industry can help Macao’s medical tourism. Dr Wong Wai Sum Tatiana, a Registered Nurse at the Infection Control of CHCSJ, elaborated her views on the quality and nuclear management of medical tourism.

Over a hundred participants attended the Forum, including representatives and members of the Macau Patriotic Education Youth Association, Macau Young Talents and Professionals Association, Macau Association of Financial, Scientific and Educational Development, Macau Association for the Development of Chinese Culture and Arts, Macau Live Broadcasting Association, Centre for Social and Organisational Behaviour of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Science Academy Healthy Organisations Development Think Tank Committee, Institute of Development of the Wenzhou Model of the Wenzhou University, and the Association of Mainland Students of the Macau Universities and Colleges, the Macau Student Union of the Chinese Medicine Industry, the Macau Medical Tourism Association, and the Macau Medical Tourism Association. The programme was supported by the Federation of Mainland Students, the Graduate Students’ Association of the Macau University of Science and Technology, and the Graduate Students’ Association of the City University of Macau, and was well received by all parties.