Yangzhou University delegation visited USJ





Yangzhou University delegation visited USJ on 27th April 2017

On 27 April 2017, a delegation of Yangzhou University (YZU) visited USJ. YZU, a comprehensive university in Jiangsu, has over 45,000 students. It is the main host of the 2016 conference of the Alliance of Universities in Jiangsu, Macau and Portuguese Speaking Countries. USJ and YZU are partner universities in the Alliance, which is supported by the provincial government of Jiangsu and GAES of Macau. An MOU was signed to promote cooperation in education and research.


The YZU delegation consisted of five officials: Prof. Chen Yaping, Vice President of YZU, Prof. Wang Yongping, Dean of Faculty of Social Development, Prof. Wang Chengtang, Dean of Faculty of Law, Prof. Li Gang, Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Science, and Ms. Hou Jianyan, Director of Setion for Exchanges, Office of HK, Macau and Taiwan Affairs.


The delegation met with Fr. Peter Stilwell, Rector of USJ, Prof. Vincent Yang, Pro-Rector, Prof. Jose Alves, Dean of School of Business, Prof. Alan Baxter, Dean of Faculty of Humanities, and Kent Lou of the Office of International Relations and Regional Cooperation. They made high remarks on USJ’s history and status during a tour of both the seminary campus and the new campus of USJ.