USJ x Coursera Summer Courses 2023





USJ is offering free courses on Coursera for all students and alumni in the summer 2023, with limited spots available.

USJ is offering more courses on Coursera featuring an extensive range of the most in-demand skills you need to grow professionally.

We are excited to announce that all USJ students and alumni are eligible to enrol in our extra-curricular Programs on Coursera starting from now, with limited spots available.

To fulfil different learning needs of our students and alumni, we created the following Programs, where different specializations and Professional Certificates are recommended. In general, each specialization/Professional Certificate consists of several courses and each course varies from a few hours up to thirty (30) hours.

You may spend several hours each week on average to make the learning progress and obtain a certificate from the world known universities or leading enterprises, like Google, Meta and IBM to get your job-ready for an in-demand career.

Target AudienceUSJ StudentsUSJ Alumni
Available ProgramsCoursera Courses All-in-OneCoursera Courses All-in-One
PaymentFree AdmissionFree Admission
RegistrationClick here to sign up Click here to sign up

Should you have any question(s) and/or concern(s), please feel free to send an email to careers@usj.edu.mo.

Terms and Conditions:

Invitation for enrolment will be sent through Coursera by the University once we verify the identity of the applicants and/or their transaction.  The enrollment is not guaranteed if it is full.

Since the total number of USJ Coursera licenses are limited, to ensure a fair allocation of licenses across all interested users, we will regularly review and re-allocate licenses from inactive users.  The review process will look for regular activity and course progress.