FBL Masters' Talk Discusses Guangzhou-Nansha "10 New Measures" for Young Entrepreneurs





USJ’s Faculty of Business and Law organised a Talk for its MBA students on the “Nansha Development Plan’s 10 New Measures for Hong Kong and Macau Youth” launched in early 2023.

On the 20th September 2023, a delegation led by Ms. Qiu Jinghui, Director of the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau of Guangzhou- Nansha, Ms. Pan Gui Kai, Chief Staff Member of the United Front Section of Nansha District, and Mr. Shuan Hong Rui, Director of the Nansha District Hong Kong-Macau Youth Five Happiness Service Center, visited the University of Saint Joseph Macao (USJ) to deliver a Talk promoting the 10 latest measures of the “Nansha Development Plans” to support the youth entrepreneurs of Macao.

(Speaker Mr. Shuan Hong Rui)

Students from USJ’s Master of Business Administration programme and academics from USJ’s Faculty of Business and Law attended the talk to learn more about the “10 New Measures for Hong Kong and Macau Youth”, which will be launched in early 2023. The speaker, Mr Shuan, Director of the Hong Kong and Youth Entrepreneur Service Center in Nansha, shared valuable policy-related information and personal experiences as a former Hong Kong student who relocated and worked in Nansha District.

The rapid development of the Guangzhou-Nansha District has initiated innovative measures to support youth entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and Macao in Nansha to serve the Greater Bay Area and the International market.

The Talk was well received by the Masters’ students, who were eager to learn more about the opportunities brought by the latest development of the GBA.

(Prof. Ansoumane Douty Diakité presents a USJ souvenir to Ms. Qiu Jinghui on behalf of the Dean of FBL)

The Nansha delegation was warmly welcomed by members of the Faculty of Business and Law, including Ms. Mani Fok, USJ FBL Greater Bay Youth Entrepreneurship Development Specialist, Prof. Ansoumane Diakite, Head of the Department of Law and Public Policy, Prof. Alessandro Lampo, Programme Coordinator for the Bachelor of Business Administration, Prof. Ângelo Rafael, Prof. Ivan Arraut, Mr. Sérgio Gomes and Mr. Emil Marques, and International Affairs representative from the Communication and Public Relations Office, Ms. Chan Kit Ieng.

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