FSS-MMSSC Public Lectures - III | The Localisation of Psychosocial Support Services in Hospitals in Mainland China



On 7 December 2019, USJ’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Mother Mary Social Studies Centre are organising an FSS-MMSSC Public Lecture titled “The Localisation of Psychosocial Support Services in Hospitals in Mainland China” by Ms. Cheng Qi.



This project is to hold a series of public lectures for local social workers and other helping professionals on a monthly basis, with the purpose of providing opportunities for them on continuing professional development, by inviting experts from different fields and backgrounds to share professional values, knowledge and skills in helping professions. This project is expected to become a signature event for FSS in promoting the communications between academia and practitioners.

• To broaden local social workers’ global horizons

• To facilitate social work professionalisation in Macao

• To equip helping professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and skills

• To provide a platform for helping professionals to share experiences and exchange ideas


The speaker will introduce the psychosocial support service programmes of hospitals in Mainland China, where she works as a clinical psychologist. She will share her experiences in terms of how to localise and match the locals’ needs while applying professional knowledge and skills.


Ms. Cheng Qi is a clinical psychologist and child life specialist at Jiahui Health. She obtained her master’s degree in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. Cheng Qi is the first certified Child Life Specialist in Mainland China and has built up the first child life programme in China. Because of her clinical contributions, she won the International Mary Barkey Clinical Excellence Award in 2017, as the youngest during the past 100 years. She recently provided a speech in Tedx in 2019.

程祺, 現就職於上海嘉會國際醫院, 大陸首位認證醫療輔導師(Certified Child Life Specialist), 畢業於美國匹茲堡大學心理學碩士,是2017年兒童醫療輔導國際卓越成就獎獲得者(Mary Barkey Clinical Excellence Award)。 程祺擅長的專業範圍包括親子關係、家庭/隔代教養問題、兒童青少年情緒社交問題、兒童青少年 行為問題、哀傷輔導(父母離異,家庭成員喪失等)、適應障礙、兒童青少年就醫的情緒管理(如牙科,手術等)。