Rector’s Message to Staff and Students

Dear Staff and Students,

The Easter break is upon us.  It has been a stressful time for all. Everyone has been working flat out since the Chinese New Year.  We have kept pace with the changing circumstances of Macao while providing service to staff, students and the community.  That is a memorable achievement for which I would like to thank you all.

Working online has become the norm.  It has called for an immense effort, especially in the academic field.  Many of us have had to acquire new skills as we transfer meetings and teaching to online mode.  Two and a half months on, the strain begins to tell.  So, please take the upcoming pause most seriously.  Put aside your work, relax, sleep, take regular exercise, lower your stress, pray, meditate, deepen relations. Family, friends, colleagues, teachers and students are God’s gift to us and a link to our humanity.

From a Christian perspective, we commemorate a historical event.  Jesus of Nazareth was put to death, and amazingly his tomb was found empty by friends who then claimed to have met with him as a new all-embracing and life-giving presence, transforming their lives forever.  The season reminds us of how lack of judgement, blindness, and indifference, our internal conflicts and external tensions so easily overflow and bring suffering to the innocent; but also, how our lives are graced with wisdom, kindness and caring for others, and find in them a constant source of renewal.

A Happy Easter to all.

And God bless!

Fr Peter


復活節即將來臨。近期,  大家都承受著巨大的壓力。自農曆新年以來,每個人都在努力抗疫。我們因應澳門形勢環境的不斷變化做出及時反應,同時為教職員工、學生和社區提供服務。這是令人難忘的成就,對此我要特別地感謝大家。






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