Laboratory of Applied Neurosciences – Researchers

Academic Staff Members

Alexandre Lobo, PhD
Associate Professor – Head of the Laboratory of Applied Neurosciences – USJ
Head of the Department of Business Administration / Coordinator for the MBA Program

Research Topics: Neuromarketing, Metacognition, Stress and Decision Making, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Project Management .


Alessandro Lampo, PhD
Assistant Professor – Faculty of Business and Law – USJ

Research Topics: Technology Acceptance and Use, Consumer Behavior, Marketing.


Post Doctoral Researchers

Nauber Gois, PhD
Post Doctoral Researcher – Laboratory of Applied Neurosciences – USJ

Research Topics: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, AutoML, Signal and Image processing.


Doctoral Students

Ronald C.Y. Leung, MBA (USA)
PhD. Student FBL/USJ
CTO – Chief Technology Officer of Winning Asia Technology Macau Limited

Research Topics: Neuromarketing, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience of Happiness and Pleasure and Humour Marketing.


Ian Mei Zeng Ivy, MSc
PhD Student – FBL/USJ
Research Assistant – Laboratory of Applied Neurosciences – USJ

Research Topics: Neuromarketing, consumer behaviour, marketing.


Belina da Graça Lei, MA
PhD Student – FBL/USJ
Lecturer – Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT)

Research Topics: Marketing, Neuromarketing, Retail, and Tourism.


Coka Lin (Chinyang, Lin), MSc
PhD Student – FBL/USJ

Research Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Prediction of Financial Time Series.


Bruno Silva, MSc
Ph.D. Candidate – Federal University of Ceara – Brazil
IT Coordinator at Federal Institute of Ceará

Research Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Neuromarketing, Intrusion Detection Systems.


Master Students

Andreia Neto, MSc
MBA Student – FBL/USJ

Research Topics: Neuromarketing.


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