Recognition in Portugal of USJ’s Degrees and Diplomas

The Role of the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) or Other Portuguese Universities

A university degree or diploma attests to the level of education of its holder and, as such, may be required by an employer or another higher education institution when enrolling for further studies. In principle, a diploma should be self-sufficient. However, the great difference in quality between institutions, the enormous number of institutions of higher education in the world today, the mobility of academics, and the not infrequent falsification of credentials have led countries to produce legislation regarding the recognition of degrees and diplomas.

For the better guidance of USJ’s alumni who would like to obtain recognition of their degrees and diplomas in Portugal, we have collected the information in the attachment here.

Additional supportive documents:

  • Comissão de Reconhecimento de Graus e Diplomas Estrangeiros (click here)
  • Os graus e diplomas do ensino superior de Macau são reconhecidos por Portugal (click here)

Last Updated: November 3, 2020 at 2:49 pm