In accord with what Saint John Paul II wrote in the Apostolic Constitution on Catholic Universities Ex corde Ecclesiae (15 August 1990), where he pointed out that “the objective of a Catholic University is to assure in an institutional manner a Christian presence in the university world confronting the great problems of society and culture” (no 13), the chaplaincy of the University of Saint Joseph endeavours to provide for the doctrinal, moral and spiritual needs of the teaching and non-teaching staff and students of the university.

The Chaplaincy is responsible for:

  • Making the Sacraments available (Holy Mass and Sacrament of Reconciliation) to Catholics
  • Providing personal spiritual guidance upon request
  • Organising activities geared to introduce or deepen knowledge of the Catholic faith
  • Supporting the Catholic student society
  • Offering a visible presence of the Catholic Church on campus and actively seeking to engage Catholic and non-Catholic students in dialogue on important questions and issues common to all

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