The parts of the RH that is available for students are featured below:

 Room Type Single Room

with Shared Bathroom

Double Studio Apartment
Room size (approx. m2) 13m2 42m2
Room feature Private room with communal pantry and bathroom Designed to maximize space, this all-in-one room has a designated kitchen, study space, and living area and sleeping area
Location on RH 5/F – 9/F (Female)

10/F – 12/F (Male)

14/F – 16/F
Targeted students Undergraduates Priority to graduate students
Roommate assignment n/a Single gender roommate assignment
Furnishings 1.     Single bed with mattress and mattress pad

2.     Desk with chair(s)

3.     Wardrobe

4.     Rubbish bin

5.     Curtain blind

1.     Single bunk bed with mattress(es) and mattress pad(s)

2.     Desk with chairs

3.     Wardrobe

4.     Rubbish Bin

5.     Curtain blinds

6.     Dining table and chairs

7.     Couches (Not available in some apartments)

8.     Furnished kitchen, with refrigerator

9.     Bathroom with water heater

Bedding One set of bed linens
Others Basic cable and high-speed internet access




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