Tuition Fees

TUITION FEES – For 2018/2019 intake only





1.1 Pre-University

MOP 34,000

MOP 34,000

1.2 Associate Diplomas

MOP 43,000 / Year

MOP 63,000 / Year

1.3 Bachelor of Fashion Design

MOP 53,000 / Year

MOP 73,000 / Year

1.4 Other Bachelors & Foundation Course in Theology

MOP 43,000 / Year

MOP 63,000 / Year

1.5 Post Graduate Diploma in Education

MOP 35,000

MOP 35,000

1.6 Masters of Business Administration

MOP 54,000 / Year

MOP 74,000 / Year

1.7 Other Masters

MOP 44,000 / Year

MOP 64,000 / Year

1.8 Doctorates

MOP 52,000 / Year

MOP 72,000 / Year

1.9 Postdoctoral Studies

MOP 21,000 / Year

MOP 21,000 / Year



2.1 All Degree programmes (per Semester)

MOP 10,000



3.1 Pre-University

MOP 4,200

3.2 Associate Diplomas & Bachelor Degrees

MOP 4,700

3.3 Post Graduate Diploma in Education

MOP 5,500

3.4 Graduate (non-MBA)

MOP 6,300

3.5 Graduate (MBA)

MOP 7,300

3.6 Master Supervision (per Semester)

MOP 4,000



4.1 Application Fee
(Pre-University, Associate Diplomas & Bachelor programmes)

MOP 300

4.2 Application Fee (Graduate programmes & PGDE)

MOP 500

4.3 Graduation Fee (Diplomas & Advanced Diplomas only)

MOP 500

4.4 Graduation Fee (Degree programmes)

To be
Announced 3

4.5 Recognition of Prior Learning (Processing fee)

MOP 2,000

4.6 Thesis Assessment Fee (Doctorates only)

MOP 10,000

4.7 Exam Fee (Undergraduates retake only)

MOP 1,000

4.8 Grade Appeal Process

MOP 500



  • Deposit & Matriculation, Modules and Administrative Fees are applicable to both local and non-local students.
  • In case of doubt, only the Executive Council of the University of Saint Joseph has the authority to clarify or interpret the terminology and values in this document.
  • Master students returning to un unfinished programme after having paid the complete tuition at the time of original matriculation are required to pay the module fees (if any) plus MOP10,000/Semester, allowing them up to 1 year to complete the outstanding modules plus up to 1 year for the dissertation. If the student did not pay the full tuition the first time s/he was enrolled, s/he is required to pay the corresponding outstanding fees at the updated rates (e.g. pay the one remaining semester or academic year).
  • The stated fees are non-refundable except in extraordinary circumstances duly approved.
  • Module fees are available exclusively to extraordinary students enrolling in a limited number of modules or to ordinary students retaking modules.


[1] Students with a valid Macao ID Card (B.I.R.)
[2] The minimum payment required of all active students enrolled in the university’s degree programmes, automatically deducted from the tuition payable by the students each academic year. In the Fall Semester this payment is done upon deposit or registration.
[3] A fee will be charged to all graduates of degree programmes that choose to participate in the graduation ceremonies (see 4.4 above), to cover the related costs. The exact amount will be announced yearly once the ceremony’s details are confirmed.

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