The English PDGE program at USJ is a unique experience for Macau educators of every background. I have found the coursework to be a blend of highly practical subject matter and deeply enriching theory and philosophy for educators.

This course helps teachers of all levels of experience develop their professional skills by providing input from historical and international theorists as well as engaging discussion.  The rich discussion has especially helped me apply the concepts learned in class to the individual situation of my own school and classroom.  In addition to increasing my formal qualifications as a teacher in Macau, I feel this program has truly helped me improve the quality of education I provide to my students and to recapture my interest in education as a broader topic for discussion in today’s society.

Certainly the content of the courses is impressive, however the most valuable aspect of the program is the people who participate as professors, students, and support staff.  The individuals I have met in this program hail from every populated continent on the planet, adding an amazing richness to our discussions and providing input from educational systems all over the world.  The content and quality of our class discussions has been the most useful and interesting part of the experience.  I am very happy to have joined this program and recommend it to those educators who seek to deepen their understanding of what it means to be a teacher.

Elizabeth Ritchie (PGDE ’14, Feb 2014)