USJSA Held 1st USJ Chinese Calligraphy Competition




On November 5th, 2019, USJ’s Student Association organised the 1st USJ Chinese Calligraphy Competition.

The USJ – University of Saint Joseph’s Student Association organised the 1st USJ Chinese Calligraphy Competition on November 5th, 2019.


Champion: 14 Cheong Lai Ieng (Master of Organisational Psychology, Year 1)


1st Runner-up:
03. Kay Lam (Post Graduate Diploma in Education – Chinese, Year 1)

05. Riko Loi (Master of Education, Year 2)


2nd Runner-up:

05. Katrina Fong (Bachelor of Business Administration, Year 3)

06. Leong Sut I (Bachelor of Portuguese-Chinese Translation Studies, Year 1)