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The USJ Mentorship Programme is aimed at providing a valuable opportunity for our students and young alumni to seek career advice and guidance from alumni mentors.  Our mentors are professionals or senior executives from different industries.  They will share their life experiences and stories with the mentees.

During the Programme, mentors and mentees can meet upon their own schedules with the minimum requirement of two (2) hours every month.  Besides receiving guidance from alumni, students can also expand their network with professionals in the fields.  Such networking can benefit the students to better join the society in the future.

Also, in order to maximize the potential of this programme and to promote gender equality and inclusiveness on campus,

  1. Priority is to be given to low-income local and international students;
  2. Mentor-mentee pairing according to gender.

Period of the Programme: February and July 2022
「瑟‧友」 計劃舉辦時間:2022年2月及7月

***A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.


Application Requirements 報名資格: 

Mentors: USJ Alumni with Working Experiences 導師:具工作經驗的聖大校友

Mentees: USJ Students or Fresh Graudates 學員:聖大學生或應屆畢業生

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  1. USJ Mentorship Programme 2020
  2. First Meetup between mentees and mentors 2020
  3. Finale of USJ Mentorship Programme 2020
  4. Mentoring Sessions for Graduating Students of 2021

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