Official Title: Assistant Professor

Faculty: 藝術及人文學院


Short Bio

Nuno Rocha holds a PhD in Language Sciences – Translation from Porto University, a Master’s Degree on Intercultural Studies Portuguese/Chinese: Translation, Training and Business Communication from Minho University and a bachelor degree on Asian Languages and Cultures from Minho University.

Nuno has a deep knowledge and experience in Chinese-Portuguese translation, with his academic research mainly focused on the development and translation of medical texts. His background gives him an understanding and expertise of the differences between the elaboration and translation of different genres of texts in different cultural contexts. 

His experience as a teacher in Fujian Normal University and in projects with the Confucius Institute in Portugal gave him the experience of teaching Portuguese and Chinese as a foreign language to local students.

Currently, he takes a position as Assistant Professor at University of Saint Joseph in Macau, developing his research in the field of Translation and Portuguese as a Foreign Language.


Rocha, N. (2019). Análise multimodal de estratégias discursivas: debate sobre o “bailout” entre Hillary Clinton e Bernie Sanders. ElingUP: Revista eletrónica de Linguística dos Estudantes da Universidade do Porto8(2).

Rocha, N. (2021). «Em caso de dúvida ou persistência dos sintomas, consulte o médico ou farmacêutico» O género textual folheto informativo em Portugal. Tese de Doutoramento. Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto


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Year 4 Bachelor
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