Surveys, Feedback, Data and Reports

Quality assurance and enhancement (QAE) reply in large part on evidence-informed continuous improvement. In this, valid and reliable evidence is gained from USJ’s internal and external stakeholders and reviewers through many channels and many instruments for data collection, processing, analysis, interpretation, reporting and storage.

The Quality Assurance (QA) Office itself conducts several surveys and data collection exercises from different groups and samples in the university and beyond. Some of these are on a regular and routine short-time scale; others are conducted on an annual basis and beyond. The QA Office is also the repository of institutional data from other sources across USJ, and it stores these securely, together with reports, feedback, surveys and other sources and kinds of information, so that the University and its units can use these to inform forward planning and continuous improvement across the University.

QAE uses metrics and qualitative data to contribute to expert human judgements and evaluations. Data and evidence of many kinds inform indicator systems and success criteria, and the QA Office provides objective, reliable and valid data and reports.





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