Student’s Association

The University of Saint Joseph Students’ Association (USJSA) is an independent student body made up of students that conduct activities and services for the benefit of students first; acting as a bridge between the students and the administration. It is their wish to help bring about an active and progressive university experience, using rational and transparent methods, with a healthy dose of creativity, as they work for the betterment of USJ student life and the University.

The SA is also in charge of clubs and societies running in USJ. Joining a club at university is a brilliant way to be part of the budding university community. Your university education is not just in the classroom. It lies in the organising and completing and perfecting processes that happen within the clubs. The clubs and societies in USJ are as follows:

•Cooking club

•Dance club

•English debate society

•IT computer club

•Journalism club

•Japanese culture and anime

•Media club

•Badminton club

•Basketball club

•Football club

•Volleyball club

•HK-Mongolia students’ society

Last Updated: August 4, 2015 at 10:08 am