Services & Support

Academic Support

Every member of the academic staff assists students towards being successful in academic life. They share in the responsibility of supporting students whenever possible in any elements of their studies. The Coordinator is available to students for any non-modular specific academic matter, such as planning programs, selecting courses and exploring career options.


Counselling Service Office (CSO)

It is common for students to experience difficulties while enrolled in a study programme at USJ. International students or students from other ethnic cultures may experience hardships that are unique or more intense because they have the added pressure of adjusting to a different culture, language, and diverse academic environment. All of our students are encouraged to talk to a counsellor in a one-on-one private setting. USJ’s Counselling Service strives to facilitate the holistic development of students by helping them to examine and deal with their psychological distress and by enhancing their well-being and overall quality of life.

The team of counsellors consists of graduate student interns with backgrounds in psychology and/or other disciplines that are conducive to their counselling responsibilities. Counsellors’ work is supervised by their USJ professors and possibly other seasoned counselling professionals. Students who feel more comfortable discussing their concerns and issues in their native language, our current counselling team members are fluent in the following languages:

  • Cantonese
  • Putonghua
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Filipino

Involement in counselling is private and confidential. That is, the counsellor must conform to the ethical code whereby information about counsellees (or even that students are receiving counselling) will not be disclosed without the counsellees’ written permission. Information about students being seen at Cousenling Service will not go into the student’s academic record and will not be provided to parents. The only exceptions take place when it becomes clear that a person’s life is in danger. Students are encouraged to express any concerns they have about confidentiality or about the counselling process with their counsellor prior to or during the counselling session.

For further inquiries or information, feel free to contact OSA and appointments with the counselors will be scheduled

Office for Student and Alumni Affairs

Tel: (853) 8592 5652


English Speaking Corner and the Writing Centre

As part of the constant efforts to provide efficient and sustainable academic support to USJ Students, our Language Centre, has conceptualized the partnership of two English Language Support projects – the English Speaking Corner and the USJ Writing Center.

The  English Speaking Corner and the USJ Writing Centre aims to build a stronger foundation on the English Proficiency of USJ Students in terms of Writing and Speaking.

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