As Macau completes its shift from a manufacturing-based economy to an almost entirely service-based economy, the design disciplines are becoming central to the city’s ongoing economic diversification. Adjacent to the manu- facturing zones of the Pearl River Delta (the “factory of the world”) Macau is ideally positioned to develop the intellectual and creative capital for new types of design. While South China’s status as a world-class manufacturing centre has been based on foreign OEM (original equipment manufacturing) prod- ucts, there is now a rapid shift toward ODM (original design manufacturing). For local designers, there are incredible opportunities to create and commer- cialize innovative proposals for the domestic and international markets. Founded on an appreciation of the importance of sustainability and resource conservation, the Design Program comprises a wide range of techniques, with a particular focus on graphic design, product design, interaction design, and inte- rior design. Design studios and lecture-based modules are taught by a mixture of local faculty members and eminent visiting professors. All are internation- ally recognized professionals, providing the opportunity for students to develop design skills in a global context. The program encompasses the creative and technical abilities necessary to become a competent professional in Macau and the wider world. The curriculum emphasizes ethics as well as expertise, requiring students to constantly evaluate the consequences of their work on the human environment and society. Our graduates are good designers, but also good citizens.