As Macau completes its shift from a manufacturing-based economy to an almost entirely service-based economy, the design disciplines are becoming central to the city’s ongoing economic diversification. Adjacent to the manu- facturing zones of the Pearl River Delta (the “factory of the world”) Macau is ideally positioned to develop the intellectual and creative capital for new types of design. For local designers, there are incredible opportunities to create and commercialize innovative proposals for the domestic and inter- national markets.The Design Program aims to provide its students with high theoretical and practical knowledge in the wide range of Design Studies. It also seeks to prepare graduate students for their profession, making them special- ized designers and able to conceptualize and create projects in the fields of Graphic/Digital Design, Furniture Design and Product Design. Thus, this 5bachelor degree aims to promote a deep understanding about the place of Design as a creative field for the society besides underlining topics about the aesthetics and the ethics in Design.

Design studios and lecture-based modules are taught by a mixture of local faculty members and eminent visiting professors. Design thinking method- ology, high-level production skills, interaction and decision-making abilities are the mottoes of this bachelor. After four years of studies, students will be aware of the new challenges of the contemporary design society, and be prepared to respond to the structural and organic needs of the local, national and international professional market. Our graduates are good designers, but also good citizens.