Macau is the most densely populated territory in the world, a vibrant and ever changing city with a unique history of cultural exchange, an inspiring and fascinating place to study architecture.
As the first and only architecture programme in Macau, our curriculum was designed to follow international standards of architectural education while exploring the specific conditions of our location and cultural context. The curriculum is rooted on tectonics and sustainability, addressing four main themes: high-density housing; heritage management and conservation; experimental material fabrication; innovative mixed-use architecture.Our programmes follow an idealistic yet pragmatic approach, looking to Macau and the Pearl River Delta as a laboratory to imagine and test new spatial answers to contemporary challenges and opportunities. We encourage students to generate innovative and original architectural and urban forms, designed from the public perspective, taking the potential of its program and the connection to the existing context as a starting point to create vibrant future realities.
The University of Saint Joseph architecture programmes emphasize ethics as well as expertise, encouraging students to be socially committed and generous, designing for the common good. We strive to form innovative and skillful architects committed to contributing to improve the future of or citizens and cities by improving the design of the daily spaces where human activities take place.