Career and Internship Services

Welcome to the homepage of the USJ Career and Internship Services, part of the services offered by the Office for Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA).

We are here to provide help and support our students in their career development. We also offer personal advice sessions, workshops and in-course training throughout your time at USJ!


Workshop and seminars

USJ wants to ensure that students have the best possible chance of moving forward – from a learning environment to a world of work or further study. We are therefore committed to provide guidance to students, as well as organise workshops and seminars that will promote knowledge and skill development.

Please visit our “Career Newsletter, Workshop and Seminar” page for more information.

Career advice

We can also counsel students in a one-on-one basis, so please make an appointment to discuss career opportunities or any other career-related matters. We will be pleased to provide advice and guidance both in choosing a suitable career pathway, as well as facilitating your progression after a stimulating course at USJ.

Job opportunities and internships

OSAA’s Career Services can also assist you in finding a suitable career, prepare you for the transition to a working environment and advise you on relevant skills and knowledge required to work in a commercial setting. Everyone is welcome to drop-by and discover more about how we can help students find part-time jobs, work experience, internships, volunteering opportunities and more.

Please see our “Job Opportunities and Internship Programmes” page for more details. We will also update Alumni on any suitable jobs we come across. For more information about our Alumni Service, please visit our Alumni page.


Contact Us

We are located at the Office for Student and Alumni Affairs, on the second floor of the Residential Hall at the Ilha Verde Campus.

Contact us via email at or call us at +853 8592 5699.

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