Official Title: Assistant Professor

Faculty: School of Education


Short Bio

Dr. Rochelle Ge obtained her Ph.D. from Sociology in National University of Singapore in 2015. She was a visiting fellow in Yenching Institute, Harvard University (2013/14). She works from a cross-disciplinary angle, integrating sociological and psychological perspectives into the teaching and research of education. Based in Macau, her current research interests are internationalization of education in Asia, curriculum development and policy analysis in greater China, educational organization management.


Journal Article

Ge, Y. & Ho, K. C. (2014). Researching international student mobility in Asia: design and practical Issues of survey method. Journal of Population Research, 31(3), 197-217.

Ho, K. C., & Ge, Y. (2011). Education and human capital management in a world city: the case of Singapore. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 31(3), 263–276.


Book Chapter

Ge, Y. & Ho, K.C. (forth coming). Higher Education Student Migration in Asia. In G. Liu-Farrer and B.S.A Yeoh (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Asian Migrations. London: Taylor and Fancies Books Ltd.

Saw, S. H. & Ge, Y. (2014). Strengthening educational linkages between Singapore and China. In S. H. Saw and J. Wong (Eds.), Advacing Singapore-China Relations. Singapore: Southeast Asian Institute.


Conference Paper

Ge, Y. (2014, August). Internationalizing the Education of Traditional Chinese Medicine- A Case Study of a Leading Specialist University in China. Paper presented at the 109th American Sociology Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, USA.

Ge, Y. (2012, October). Dilemmas between knowledge universality and embedded cultural tradition: internationalizing Chinese medicine discipline in China and Hong Kong’s universities. Paper presented at the Fourth Asian Conference on Education, Osaka, Japan.

Ge, Y. & Ho, K.C. (2012, May). Informal and unintended regionalism: how students’ movements, contacts and plans shape regional space? Paper presented at the conference Education Mobilities in East Asia, Singapore.




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