Official Title: Acting Vice-rector

Faculty: School of Education


Short Bio

Prof. Rochelle GE obtained her doctoral degree in Sociology, National University of Singapore. She was a visiting fellow in Harvard Yenching Institutite between 2013 and 2014. She adopts cross-disciplinary perspective and investigates higher education systems in Asia. The research area covers but not limit to Higher Education and Social Development, Educational Policy, University Organization, International Student Mobility and Curriculum Development. Her work has been published in Asian Pacific Education Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Journal of Population Research, etc. From 2009 to 2012, she involved in a multinational research project entitled “Globalizing Universities and International Student Mobilies in East Asia” as a key team member. The project received 0.8 million SGD (approximately 4.55 million HKD) from the Ministry of Education, Singapore (fund reference AcRF grant R111-000-069-112).

葛贇助理教授在新加坡國立大學獲得社會學博士。2013至2014年間,她在哈佛大學燕京學社從事研究。葛博士採用跨學科的視角,研究亞洲的高等教育體系,包括高等教育與社會發展、教育政策、大學組織、學生流動和課程發展等等,相關研究結果被發表在Asian Pacific Education Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Journal of Population Research等國際期刊上。2009至2012年間,她作為主要研究人員之一所負責的項目 “東亞大學全球化與學生流動” 獲得了新加坡教育局80萬新幣(相當於455萬港幣)的研究經費 (資助記錄 R111-000-069-112)。


Journal Article

Ge, Y. & Ho, K. C. (2018). The cultivation of research labor in Pacific Asia with special reference to Singapore. Asia Pacific Education Review, 19(2), 199-210.

Ge, Y. & Ho, K. C. (2014). Researching international student mobility in Asia: design and practical Issues of survey method. Journal of Population Research, 31(3), 197-217.

Ho, K. C., & Ge, Y. (2011). Education and human capital management in a world city: the case of Singapore. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 31(3), 263–276.


Book Chapter

Ge, Y. & Ho, K.C. (2018). Intra-Asia Higher Education Mobilities. In G. Liu-Farrer and B.S.A Yeoh (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Asian Migrations. London: Taylor and Fancies Books Ltd.

Saw, S. H. & Ge, Y. (2014). Strengthening educational linkages between Singapore and China. In S. H. Saw and J. Wong (Eds.), Advacing Singapore-China Relations. Singapore: Southeast Asian Institute.


Selected Conference Paper

Ge, Y. & Ho, K. C. (2018, November). East Asia as Destination for Doctoral Students from China: Opportunities, Choices and Future Plans. Paper presented as Asian University Alliance Graduate Education Forum, Beijing, China.

Ge, Y. (2018, August). Adapting Heterogeneity: Restructuring Chinese Medicine in Internationalizing Universities in China. Paper presented at CHER 31st Annual Conference “Differentiation and Integration in Higher Education: Patterns and Dynamics”, Moscow, Russia.

Hong, L. & Ge, Y. (2016, August). The Building of an Integrated Learning Community: Case of Moon Chun Memorial College. Paper presented at the 3rd Forum on Education of Modern Residential Colleges, Macau SAR, China.

Ge, Y. (2014, August). Internationalizing the Education of Traditional Chinese Medicine- A Case Study of a Leading Specialist University in China. Paper presented at the 109th American Sociology Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, USA.

Ge, Y. (2012, October). Dilemmas between knowledge universality and embedded cultural tradition: internationalizing Chinese medicine discipline in China and Hong Kong’s universities. Paper presented at the Fourth Asian Conference on Education, Osaka, Japan.

Ge, Y. & Ho, K.C. (2012, May). Informal and unintended regionalism: how students’ movements, contacts and plans shape regional space? Paper presented at the conference Education Mobilities in East Asia, Singapore.

Ge, Y., & Lee, S.E. (2011, June). Assessing China’s soft power through international student mobility. Paper presented at The Fourth Annual Conference by China Postgraduate Network, London, United Kingdom.

Ge, Y. (2009, May). The effects of teaching methods on university students’ academic performance —a case in Macao. Paper presented on “The 2009 Asian-Pacific Forum on Sociology of Education—Social Change and Educational Reform”, Taiwan.




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