Official Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor

Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences and Education


Short Bio

Maria Rita Silva is a Master in Social and Organizational Psychology and a Ph.D. in Human Resources Management and Development from ISCTE- Lisbon University Institute. This Ph.D. investigated how people from different cultures develop perceptions about how fairly they are treated at work. Has been teaching modules in the areas of Cross-cultural research, Gender studies, Research methodology and statistics, and Organizational Psychology, among others. Participated in several research projects about work attitudes and behaviors, as well as a number of international conferences, and published in academical journals. It is this experience that she hopes to share with her students.




Roque, H.; Silva, M. R.; Ramos, M. & Caetano, A. (2017) Societal values in Portugal: replication of the GLOBE project 17 years later and implications for management. International Journal of Marketing, Communication and New Media, 5(9), 24-41.

Silva, M. R., & Caetano, A. (2016) Organizational justice across cultures: A review of four decades of research and directions for the future. Social Justice Research, 29(3), 257-287.

Silva, M. R.; Roque, H. C., & Caetano, A. (2015). Culture in Angola: insights for Human Resources management. Cross-cultural Management: An International Journal, 22(2), 166-186.

Silva, M. R., Caetano, A. (2014). Distributive and interactional organizational justice between the years 2000 and 2008: What changes and what remains the same? Journal of Organizational Change
Management, 27(1), 23-40.

Silva, M. R., Caetano, A., & Zhou, Q., (2012). (In)Justice context and work satisfaction: The mediating role of justice judgments. International Journal of Business Science & Applied Management, 7 (1) 15-28




Year 1 Master
Year 2 Bachelor
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Year 3 Bachelor
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Year 4 Bachelor
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