Official Title: Assistant Professor

Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences and Education


Short Bio

Carrie holds a Doctor of Education from The Education University of Hong Kong and a Master of Arts in East/West Theatre Studies from Middlesex University (London, UK). She is a professional Dramatist, Researcher, and a Registered Trauma Psychotherapist. She is also appointed as a Drama Examiner of Hong Kong Arts Development Council and a Subject Specialist (Performing Arts) of The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications since 2006. 

Carrie interests in cross-cultural and transdisciplinary arts-based research on: 

  • aesthetics (e.g., teaching, visual arts, theatre) 
  • education (e.g., pedagogy, teacher training) 
  • spirituality / well-beings (e.g., nurturing spiritual growth, infant mental health) 
  • diversified educational needs (e.g., intervention strategies, strengths-based supports) 
  • applied theatre (e.g., drama-in-education, expressive arts therapy) 
  • research theatre with lens of postmodernism (particularly with Deleuze) 


PhD Supervision: 

Choi, Annie – Support Children’s Learning Through Reggio Pedagogical Documentation with Children’s Voice: An Action Research in a Reggio Emilia Inspired Classroom in Macau 

Cardoso, Nair Alexandra Diason – Professional Development for Sensory-based Approach in Infant Education (working title)


MEd Supervision: 

Chao, Charlie – 作為資源教師的難處及可行的改善策略 Action research on the difficulties and intervention strategies of a primary support teacher in Macau 

Cheong, Debbie – 澳門幼稚園教師對幼兒偏差行為的態度及輔導策略  Kindergarten teachers' perspective on young children's problem behaviours and the intervention strategies 

Fong, Queenie – 探討澳門托兒所對發展融合教育的現況與困擾 - 從幼兒導師角度之個案研究 Developing inclusive education in Macau nursery - A case study from the tutor's perspective

Choi, Jess – 治療取向繪畫活動應用對於學齡兒童情緒行為上之行動研究 Action research on using therapeutic drawing as an intervention for school children’s emotional behaviours

Ho, Zuyi – 自閉症學童個別化補救教育個案研究 A case study on individual remedial pedagogy education for ASD children

Huang, Lois - 繪畫聯想對於學習障礙學生中文寫作提升之成效 A case study on the effectiveness of “drawing association” for Chinese composition by children with learning difficulties

Lee, Ariel - 大肌肉活動對學習障礙兒童提升學習成效之研究 Gross motor exercises as an intervention for improving the learning efficacy of the children with learning difficulties

Lou, Wendy - 戶外體驗式冒險教育對融合學生的抗逆力成效之研究 Outdoor adventure education as an intervention for nurturing inclusive students’ resilience


Current Research Project: 







In search of an aesthetic pathway: A/r/tography of young children’s encounter with drama improvisation 

Phase 1 – Young children’s aesthetic experiences and environment 

Phase 2 – Aesthetic experiences with young children with diversified developmental needs 

*Macau Foundation Funded Project: 

*Phase 3 - In search of aesthetic education: Student teachers’ perspective and practice with sensory-based approach in Infant Education 





Maker Education 

 Project 1 – Promoting Maker-centered Learning through Pre-service Teachers’ Mathematics Lesson Planning for Infant Education

 Project 2 – Maker Education: Student Teachers’ Perspectives and Practices on Using Scratch Programme for Sex Education in Kindergarten and Primary School Context

Project 3 – Implementation of Maker-centred Learning through In-service Teachers’ Mathematics Lesson Planning and Practice in Infant Education in Asia Pacific Region


Fu Hong Society (Macao) Commission Project:

A case study on evidence-based strategies for creating meaningful supports to adults with disabilities through arts


Inclusive Pedagogy on English Learning & Teaching (ELT) - Cohesion as an effective ELT strategy to cultivate academic success for all levels of English language


Well-beings Pedagogy: A Pilot Study on Positive Changes in Teaching and Learning




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Year 1 PGDE
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Year 2 Bachelor
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