The University organises an exam season each year. The exam season provides an opportunity for students to try to pass a previously failed module or to improve the original grade. The exam period as well as the process for registration is announced yearly through the university’s email.

Only students that previously enrolled in a module and met the minimum attendance requirement are eligible to be admitted to exam, subject to a decision from the respective Dean of Faculty and the payment of an exam fee. The university reserves the right to the final decision on whether or not to offer exams for specific modules each year.

For more information on the exam policy please refer to the Admissions to Exam information, available here: https://my.usj.edu.mo/forms or contact the university’s Academic Records Office.

Make-up Examinations

Students graded as INC (Incomplete) may be requested by the respective Lecturer to complete an additional written assignment or exam in order to convert the Incomplete grade into a permanent grade. These “make-up examinations” are set directly by the module’s Lecturer and must be sent and graded within one month of the publication of the original Incomplete grade. After this one-month period, the Incomplete grade is automatically converted into an “F”.

Last Updated: September 9, 2015 at 3:44 pm