On 30 October 2019, the XX Pavilion organised by FCI's Department of Architecture will officially open.

The XX Pavilion expands on the tradition of FCI Department of Architecture bamboo pavilions. With a larger scale and complex programme, it sets an inhabitable temporary space that invites participation.

This ephemeral structure celebrates the symbiosis between the craftsmanship of Macao’s bamboo scaffolders and the inventiveness and digital design skills of USJ fifth-year architecture students. Inspired by the vernacular bamboo knot technique, it features a double-cross layout. This design simultaneously commemorates the XX anniversary of Macao SAR and initiates the celebrations of the X anniversary of the USJ Architecture Programme.

Selected to be part of the Art Macau, the XX Pavilion is open for activities by the USJ and broader local community. Located at the entrance courtyard of USJ Ilha Verde Campus, it stands as an invitation for cross-disciplinary collaboration, hosting exhibitions, lectures, workshops and other events until December.

Opening of the XX PAVILION
Wednesday, 30 October 2019 from 17:30
At USJ Ilha Verde Campus

Exhibition period: 30 Oct – 08 Dec 2019

Organised by the Department of Architecture
Faculty of Creative Industries

Part of the Art Macau 2019
Funded by Higher Education Fund, DSES

Frederick Cabio; Silvia, Chan Cheng I; Billy, Chan Chon Wai; Vanda Chan; Phillia, Chiang Hao Hsin; Natalie, Fu Ho I; Isaac, Ho Ngai Pang; Travis, Lai Chon Fong; Ida, Lei Wan Ieng; Ian, Leong Chon Kit; Manley Ng Sanchez; Joana, Wong Tsz Yin; Mamadú Seck

Nuno Soares; Filipe Afonso

Technical Assistance:
Gerald Estadieu; João Brochado; Filipa Simões


Organised by:
Faculty of Creative Industries – Department of Architecture

Funded by:
Higher Education Fund
DSES – Higher Education Bureau
Part of the Art Macau 2019




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