USJ Residential Hall Office’s Latest Measures Against the Novel Coronavirus

Dear Residents and Professors,

As the 8th confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus infection were announced today and DSES has just visited us this morning, we have a recap and some updates for you.
  1. Higher Education Bureau aka DSES urges Faculty and Students to Follow Anti-epidemic Measures and Self-isolate at Home.  In their visit this afternoon, the senior officers require our residents to minimise the frequency of going out from the Residential Hall and do NOT go to Mainland China these months.  Please refrain from leaving the campus.
  2. Limited Canteen Services
  3. Fitness Room: It will be closed from 00h00 on 2 February 2020 and the laundry will remain functioned.
  4. Access Control: To centralise the temperature screening for all incoming personnel of Ilha Verde campus, starting from 2 February 2020, the main gate of Ilha Verde campus will be the only entrance for all residents.  The glass door entrance near the BOC ATM will be opened whenever the main gate closes.
  5. Provision of Surgical Masks and Hand Sanitiser: The local provision of surgical masks and hand sanitiser is very limited.  USJ is running of her stock these days and DSES has been notified about this.  Further measures will be announced for those who neither have BIR nor Non-resident Worker’s Identification Card, commonly known as blue card, after DSES settles things with other governmental departments.
  6. Maintaining Physical and Psychological Well-being: All faculty members, students, and staff should take care of the physical and psychological well-being of themselves and the others.  Please wear masks when going out of your rooms, wash hands frequently, and go out less to prevent the spread of virus.  You may write to for any psychological counselling needs and for any spiritual guidance.  You may call a 24/7 hotline set up by Social Work Bureau at 28261126 for psychological support.
  7. Limited Services from the Government: During the period from 3 to 7 February inclusive, only emergency and core public essential services would be available to the public; non-essential services would remain suspended.  For details please read
  8. More Travel Time: Please reserve more time for your travel in Macau because the frequency of buses and the number of taxis are both lowered during these weeks.  Also, only manned channels are set up for the borders.
Best Regards,
Residential Hall Office

Last Updated: February 5, 2020 at 7:29 pm