USJ is Fully Operational Online 聖若瑟大學全面實行線上課程

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USJ is Fully Operational Online

We are proud to say that the University of Saint Joseph has adjusted to life online and is now fully operational.  Staff and students have risen to the challenge and, within the limits of the preventive measures laid out by the DSES against the spread of the coronavirus (#COVID19), academic activities have been restarting over the last ten days.


Our technical staff have provided intensive training in the use of online tools, and all academic units report that second semester modules are now being run in distance learning mode.  Some rescheduling has been necessary to accommodate visiting academics and modules that require work on campus.  Depending on when the preventive measures are lifted, some face to face classes may now stretch into the month of June.  However, for those who graduate this year, everything is being done to ensure that the Graduation Day is not delayed.

大學的技術人員提供了使用在線工具的強化培訓。據各院系匯報,第二學期課程目前已經以遙距課程的形式運行。 為了適應訪問學者以及一些需要在校工作的課程,大學將對相關課程時間作出必要的調整。 一些面授課程,按照預防措施停止的時間,有可能延續到六月。不過,對於今年畢業的學生而言,大學正盡一切努力確保畢業日期不會推遲

Staff meetings are being held regularly online, for training and managing the life of the university.


According to the impression of the academic units and a survey conducted by OSAA, feedback from the Students on the arrangements made has been very positive and appreciative.  Those who may have missed the intense online activity in their modules or academic units should contact their teachers or coordinators by email or messaging apps.


Library resources are available, with a USJ email account, either online or through digital copies provided by library staff (see

圖書館資源保持開放,可用USJ 電子郵件帳戶獲得在線資源或由圖書館工作人員提供的數字副本(請參閱。

The contact phones and emails of Administrative offices are being permanently managed during normal office hours, either on campus or from home. Offices with necessary service on campus, have minimum staff.


USJ Executive Council

15 February 2020

Last Updated: February 17, 2020 at 3:34 pm