Limited Access to USJ’s Campuses

Limited Access to USJ’s Campuses
Week starting Sunday, 23 February 2020


Having received queries on access to campus facilities, I remind you that the following rules are in force, until further notice.

1. For students:

  • The DSES will give Higher Education Institutions a week’s public notice before they may restart classroom work on campus.
  • Meanwhile, at USJ, teaching, learning and other academic activities continue but in online mode – if you are having difficulties, contact your teacher or Coordinator directly.
  • USJ’s Library and administrative services are operational online.
  • Access to campus facilities may be authorised in exceptional cases by Deans, Coordinators or Heads of Office.
  • Students in USJ’s Residential Hall follow the rules and procedures approved for their particular situation.

2. For Staff:

  • The general principle is that work continues but from home.
  • Work on campus may be allowed or even required to ensure essential services and is directly managed by Deans, Coordinators and Heads of Office.
  • Staff who, for justifiable reasons, wish to work from campus rather than from home may seek permission from their respective Dean, Coordinator or Head of Office, who will balance the reasons given with the following principles:

✓  contacts on campus should be kept to a minimum;

✓  meetings are to be held online whenever possible.

  • Any significant change to the successful practice adopted by academic and administrative units over the past three weeks requires the endorsement of the respective Line Manager.

Thank you all for your excellent cooperation and for the enthusiasm with which you have turned this challenging month into a learning and team-building opportunity.


22 February 2020
Fr Peter Stilwell



由 2020 年 2 月 23 日(星期日)起繼續生效



1. 關於學生:

  • 澳門高等教育局將在高等教育機構復課前一週公佈具體復課日期。
  • 同時,聖大的教學及其他學術活動將繼續以線上形式進行,如果同學們遇到任何困難,請直接聯繫您的老師或課程主任。
  • 聖大圖書館及行政服務以線上形式運作。
  • 在特殊情況下,院長、課程主任或辦公室主管可授權使用校園設施。
  • 聖大住宿樓的學生需遵守針對其特定情況的規定和程序。

2. 關於員工:

  • 繼續以在家工作為一般原則。
  • 為了確保基本服務,可以允許甚至要求員工在校工作,並且需由院長、課程主任和辦公室主管直接管理。
  • 出於正當理由而希望在校而不在家工作的員工,可以向各自的院長、課程主任或辦公 室主管徵求許可,各主管人員可在給出的理由與以下列原則之間權衡:

✓ 應盡量減少校園內的接觸;

✓ 會議應盡可能在線舉行。

  • 學術和行政部門在過去三週內採用的成功做法,如有任何重大變化,須獲得各自部門上級主管的批准。



校長 薛沛德神父
2020年2 月22日


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