Portuguese-Chinese Translation

Associate Diploma

Faculty of Humanities

The USJ is pleased to announce the launching of an innovative Associate Degree Programme in Portuguese-Chinese Translation. This initiative contributes to the policy of the Macao Government to develop Macao as a base for professional training in the Portuguese language for the future benefit of greater China and the neighbouring regions.

Year 1 – The first year courses of the degree cover details of Portuguese phonology and grammar as preliminaries to elementary translation. Training in the phonetics of Portuguese will develop the students’ accuracy in aural perception and pronunciation of the language. At the same time, students expand their knowledge of Portuguese vocabulary and accuracy in Portuguese grammatical structure, through developing basic reading and writing skills. During the second semester, elementary translation exercises targeting simple phrases and common expressions are introduced, stressing basic grammatical differences between Chinese and Portuguese.

Year 2 – The second year courses further emphasise practical writing and translation skills. These include the study of vocabulary and sentence structure essential to different levels of formality in the language. Students also reinforce and develop further their Chinese writing skills by exploring different writing styles, including practical, expository and argumentative writing.

Typical Duration
2 years (day/evening) programme

Teaching Medium
English, Chinese, Portuguese

Total number of credits for graduation

Green Campus

Programme’s Government Approval (In Chinese and Portuguese only) (Click here)

September to May

Weekly schedule
Mondays to Fridays

Study plan & description of modules

Please click on any specific module to see its description.


Year 1 Bachelor
3.00 credits
Year 2 Bachelor
3.00 credits
3.00 credits
3.00 credits
6.00 credits
3.00 credits
8.00 credits

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