Faculty of Creative Industries

7. MCM

Our Master Program in Communication and Media is anchored on the bachelor Program in Communication and Media, a strong reputation degree that has attracted significant enrollment applications over the last few years. Upon the conclusion of this Master degree, students will hold knowledge and skills to develop academic and commercial research in the field of communication sciences. Furthermore technical and practical topics are covered, ranging from audiovisual production to online digital publishing techniques, reflecting upon the entire range of modern platforms from print to social media. This program embraces the core values of morality and ethics, which are responsible for human decisions and actions at an individual, communal, societal, and at the global level and it will address topics dealing with the interrelationship between media, cultures, and different forms of social organizations.

Typical Duration
2 years (evening) programme

Recommended Prior Knowledge
. There is no prior knowledge required
. Applicants are required to be proficient in English language

Teaching Medium

Total number of credits for graduation

Ilha Verde Campus

Programme’s Government Approval (In Chinese and Portuguese only) (Click here)

September to July

Weekly schedule
Mondays to Fridays

Key Features

. Learning by practice

. Media and cultural production

. Media systems in different cultural environments

. Media and technology

. The relationship and articulation between mass media and mass‐self communication

. We will prepare you with a solid foundation in learning, exploring existence, as well as the function of using different fields and gaining expertise in advanced tools.

Typical Career Options

. Journalism

. Public Relations

. Multimedia

. Audiovisual media production

. Marketing

. Event management

. Visual culture

Study plan & description of modules

Here are the modules


Year 1 Master
2.00 credits
2.00 credits
Year 2 Master
14.00 credits
2.00 credits