Lifelong Learning

Programme/Course: Efficient Communication Skills for Team Leaders

 Faculty: Faculty of Administration and Leadership

Description: (Lectured in Cantonese or English)

This is a course for a potential leader to get ready for a chance / a position that he /she will manage a team no matter what is the size of the team. Students will learn interpersonal communication skills in different aspects. It is powerful and essential for managing a team at work places, at School or even at home.

  • Understand the importance of interpersonal Communication Skills for becoming a leader
  • Convey Believability by ensuring the verbal, vocal and visual elements of the consistent Message
  • Replace negative or neutral habits with those that would improve interpersonal communication effectiveness
  • Develop and practice the nine behavioral skills of effective interpersonal communication
  • Master the six leadership skills

Course hours: 12 hours

Cost (MOP): Please contact LLO for further info.