Accreditation and Evaluation

USJ is committed to enhancing the quality of all its work, activities, and operations. To meet its vision statement “to be a leading multicultural Catholic University that follows academic integrity and international standards in the pursuit of science, tradition and innovation”, USJ emphasises externality in the standards that it sets and in its increasing recognition and reputation.

QAE and accreditation serve USJ’s mission for “all who seek truth and quality in learning, teaching and research, irrespective of ethnic, social or religious affiliation” and to be “a community committed to whole person development and to fostering a caring, ethically managed, economically and ecologically sustainable society in Macao and beyond”.

These require USJ to be a self-aware institution which is committed to continuous development and improvement. Internal self-evaluation is complemented by external evaluation and accreditation of its programmes and the entire University. This involves working with internationally recognised external agencies who provide services of quality assurance, quality audit and review, and accreditation. USJ takes active steps to involve external parties and agencies in contributing to the promotion of excellence in all its work.

Institutional Accreditation

Programme Accreditation

Institutional Quality Audit

Programme Review

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