USJ Strategic Management Plan 2020 – 2024


USJ is called to be a leading multicultural Catholic University, that stands by the principles of academic integrity, follows international standards in higher education, fosters innovation and upholds humanising values in all cultures.


To develop USJ as a privately-funded international Catholic University in, of and for Macao, in of and for China, as a self-sustaining entity, by becoming an elite, post-graduate focussed, research active university, concentrating on academic and professional education in the humanities, arts and social sciences.



Strengthen post-graduate teaching and research

Actionable Measures:

  • Programme restructure and accreditation;
  • Continuation of Quality Assurance and Enhancement;
  • New English Language Centre;
  • Focus recruitment message on Post-Graduate Programmes;
  • Research culture and renewed Doctoral Programmes;
  • Workload guidelines for Academic Staff;
  • New Research centres;
  • Academic staff research plan.


Serve needs of Macao SAR and the Diocese of Macao

Actionable Measures:

  • Programmes and professional training to meet the needs of Caritas Macau;
  • Focus on promoting Macao’s Cultural & Tangible Heritage;
  • Environmental Sustainability Action;
  • Prison Outreach Programme ;
  • Programmes for Macao Lawyers Association;
  • Local market research task force;
  • Programmes for the Diocese Education Commission and the Association of Catholic Schools.


Deepen and mature our collaboration with UCP

Actionable Measures:

  • Explore appropriate joint programmes, student and staff exchanges;
  • Encourage joint Doctoral supervision, research projects and research centres;
  • Establish mutual recognition on academic career track development;
  • Joint Commission;
  • Engage with UCP Alumni.


International Student Recruitment

Actionable Measures:

  • International Recruitment Task Force led by Vice-Rector;
  • Focus on following markets for next 5 years:
    • Portugal,
    • Vietnam,
    • Malaysia,
    • Portuguese-speaking world,
    • Hong Kong.


Mainland China Recruitment

Actionable Measures:

  • Establish China Recruitment Task Force led by Vice-Rector;
  • Pursue licence to recruit in Mainland China;
    • Seek support of Macao SAR Government,
    • Initial concentration International Schools in Greater Bay Area ,
    • Seek support Mainland state entities in Macao and Mainland,
    • Submit request by end December 2020.


Complete the renovation of the Green Campus

Actionable Measures:

  • Construction of University Library on Ground Floor of the Academic Building;
  • Creation of University Administration Centre on First Floor of the Residential Hall Building;
  • Reorganisation of Offices on Second Floor of the Residential Hall Building;
  • Refurbishment of Ground Floor of Academic Building to create replacement Gallery, Student Engagement Centre and upgrade the Don Bosco Auditorium;
  • Reordering of Offices on Fourth Floor of Academic Building and the construction of walkways around the Campus to ensure rain-sheltered, accessible access. 


Robust financial control and management

Actionable Measures:

  • New financial management systems are implemented by end of 2020/21;
  • Consolidate Catholic Foundation & USJ Accounts;
  • Establish and implement a robust system of financial reporting;
  • Staff Costs;
    • Pay policies – review remuneration rates in comparison with other local Universities and recommend action as appropriate,
    • Provident Fund – establish a 5%+5% Provident Fund in 2020/21,
    • 13th Month – introduce a 13th Month payment from 2021/22,
    • Target Staff Cost ratio of 70% of total income by 2024/25 ,
    • Target Admin & Operating costs ratio of 11.5% of total income by 2024/25 .



Grow external sources of funding for development and sustainability

Actionable Measures:

  • Develop Fundraising Office and Development Plan for:
    • Silver Jubilee Funds
    • Macao targets by 2023/24
    • International targets by 2023/24
  • Continue Macao SAR public sources;
  • Spin-outs;
  • Residential Hall – target full occupancy.

Download the University of Saint Joseph Roadmap 2020-2024

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