USJ Strategic Development Plan 2019-2023

This strategic development plan is the result of an ongoing discussion and is subject to further adjustments.


To be a leading multicultural Catholic University that stands by the principles of academic integrity, follows international standards in teaching, learning and research, and upholds tradition whilst fostering innovation.


USJ’s mission is to:

  1. To provide the region with University imbued with a Christian ethos, that aspires to the highest academic standards and is rooted in the cultural and spiritual heritage of Macao;
  2. To develop an international academy in which East meets West, open to all who seek excellence in learning, teaching and research irrespective of their ethnic, social or religious affiliation;
  3. To foster an academic community committed to whole person development and to promote a caring, ethically responsible, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable society.




To serve the local community maintaining a Christian identity



1.1. Embody the longstanding commitment of the Diocese of Macau to the promotion of education, care for the needy and a peaceful mingling of cultures;

1.2. Maintain privileged relations with the international network of Catholic Universities, in particular with the Catholic University of Portugal;

1.3. Prepare qualified professionals according to the needs of the community, the objectives of the regional government and the priorities of the Diocese of Macau, and the challenges faced by the world at large;

1.4. Foster educational, social, cultural, recreational and sports activities for the benefit of the surrounding community.




To provide the highest International academic standards



2.1. Follow the highest international standards, academic integrity and best practices in the academic areas of its provision, teaching, learning, research and all academic activities, together with the efficiency of its administration, services and student support, and seek the corresponding accreditation and quality development;

2.2. Provide both degree-granting and lifelong-learning courses, whether classroom-based or through distance learning, using as the principal medium of instruction English, Chinese, or Portuguese;

2.3. Ensure the international character of its academy by the use of English as the regular medium of internal communication;

2.4. Develop state-of-the-art research that contributes to improve lives and society.




To foster social development, preserving the cultural tradition of Macau



3.1. Promote academic dialogue between cultures and spiritual traditions, aligned with the history and identity of Macau and East Asia;

3.2. Preserve and promote the tangible and intangible heritage and social development of Macau, architectural, museological, archival and/or in the form of local traditions and practices;

3.3. Organise academic, cultural, sporting and recreational events that bring local stakeholders together in collaboration and dialogue, featuring the involvement of USJ alumni to promote the social, cultural and communitarian heritage and development of Macau;

3.4. Introduce innovative programs and research that directly address the social, cultural and ethical needs and developments of Macao, at the present moment and in the prospective future.




To contribute to Macau as an international platform, especially between China and Portuguese speaking countries



4.1. Contribute at the university level to develop Macau as a platform for cultural and economic co-operation and internationalisation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries;

4.2. Seek support to promote Portuguese language and culture by recruiting staff and students from the Portuguese Speaking Countries to USJ in Macau;

4.3. Cooperate with the International network of Universities, with which USJ has signed MOUs, to develop a peer benchmarking system and partnership research, programs and activities;

4.4. Develop international collaboration in degree granting programmes in the formats of Joint Degree, Double Degree, Multiple Degree or Consecutive Degree.



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