Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and enhancement (QAE) are cornerstones of the work of the University of Saint Joseph, and they touch academic, administrative, service and support units across the University.  The importance of QAE cannot be overstated, as the University strives to ensure that all its work, activities and operations are of the highest quality, benchmarked to external standards of excellence and committed to continuous review and improvement. This addresses the University’s vision statement ‘to be a leading multicultural Catholic University that follows academic integrity and international standards in the pursuit of science, tradition and innovation’.

The University holds QAE to be an essential feature in ensuring and protecting the integrity of, and confidence in, the highest standards and quality of all the work, procedures, operations and outcomes of all its work.  QAE ensures that these are aligned and serve the University’s mission, vision and strategic development.  Evaluation, self-evaluation, review, with consequent action planning and development, are ongoing practices that serve that improvement.  QAE is designed to ensure that student voice is listened to and acted upon to ensure that their learning and student life are of the highest quality, promoting their all-round development to fulfil the University’s stated mission to be ‘a community committed to whole person development and to fostering a caring, ethically managed, economically and ecologically sustainable society in Macao and beyond’.

The Quality Assurance Office of the University handles a wide range of QAE matters, liaising with internal and external stakeholders, quality assurance agencies, and the Macau government offices.  The QAE website pages, to which links are provided here, attest to the significant role that QAE plays in meeting the mission statement of the University to be ‘open to all who seek truth and quality in learning, teaching and research, irrespective of ethnic, social or religious affiliation’.

Last Updated: March 12, 2019 at 12:01 pm