On May 26-30, 2016, Fr. Peter Stilwell, Rector of University of Saint Joseph, took a delegation of 21 delegates, including professors, staff members and representatives of both the USJ Alumni Association and the USJ Students’ Association to Shanghai for a Chinese cultural tour. Among the delegates were Pro-Rector Vincent Yang, Jose Alves, Dean of Faculty of Leadership and Administration, and other professors and staff, Chairman William Un and other executives of the Alumni Association, President Lo Kai Chon and other representatives of the Students’ Association. Assistant Director-General Ye Junbing from the Guangdong Liaison Office of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region accompanied the delegation and provided guidance during the tour. Fudan University warmly received the delegation and coordinated the tour. In Shanghai, the delegation participated in five round table meetings at Fudan University, the Education Research Academy of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, New York University Shanghai and Shanghai International Studies University. The hosts gave presentations on the history, status quo and plans of development of higher education in Shanghai and introduced the ongoing initiatives of improving the quality of education and experiences in trying to build first class universities. The hosts and guests also discussed opportunities and challenges that they are now facing, strategies and options they may adopt and areas and approaches for cooperation in teaching and research between Macau and Shanghai. In addition, the delegation visited the Shanghai Museum, Former Residence of Sun Yat-Sen, the Global Financial Center and other famous attractions. At Xu-jia-hui Cathedral, a church of over one hundred years of history and in its early years considered “the No. 1 Cathedral in the Far East”, Fr. Peter Stilwell and some members of the delegation also attended the Sunday mass in English. The delegates gave high remarks to Shanghai’s significant achievements and rich experience in developing internationalized higher education serving China’s needs and thank the Liaison Office of the Central Government of China for the thoughtful arrangement and on-site guidance during the trip. The Bank of China Macau Branch is gratefully acknowledged for its generous sponsorship.

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