18 March 2014 Third Annual General Meeting for AAUSJ 2013-2014 and Election


The third Annual General Meeting of the Alumni Association of University of Saint Joseph (AAUSJ) was held on 18 March 2014, 6:30pm at the Speakers’ Hall of USJ.

The alumni have listened to the reporting on the activities and achievements in previous year.  Also, the financial position was presented.

Upcoming events such as the Chinese Cultural Tour to Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province in May 2014 and the Annual Gathering Dinner in June were introduced to the attendees as well. It is believed that AAUSJ will organize more activities for strengthening the inter-relationships among the alumni, for more understanding in the relationships between Macau and the cities in the PRD region, and for contributing to the community and society in the future.

In the second part of the meeting, it was the election for the new compositions of AAUSJ. The AGM has approved the candidate list for the different posts in AAUSJ.  Frank Li, Joyce Tang and May Chan were elected as the Chair of General Assembly, President of the Executive Committee and President of the Supervisory Committee, respectively.

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